When a Lady Deceives

When a Lady Deceives (Her Majesty's Most Secret Service) - Tara Kingston
  Jennie is a reporter undercover to try and figure out who murdered her informant. Not much is said of Jennie's family other than they are adventurous and supportive. Matthew, the bastard son of Lord Winthrop, formerly an Inspector from Scotland Yard, is the head enforcer for Claude Harwick. Matthew spent some of his formative years in the slums, before his father acknowledged him and he came to live with him.
This was good. Both characters were interesting and had layers. I liked that Jennie had a profession and was an intelligent good, strong character. I enjoyed the mystery of Matthew; did he really murder his partner and become a henchman, or is this a ploy? It does take some time to take off, after a slow start, the last half is much better.
Some formatting issues and a few continuity issues I noticed, but neither detracted from the story.

eARC received from Entangled and NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.