The Second Chance Cafe

The Second Chance Cafe - Alison Kent

Kaylie's mother went to jail when Kaylie was 5. She then went into foster care, moving from home to home until settling in with the Wises. With this family, she belonged, so when the opportunity presented itself, she bought the house. She planned on opening a cafe and making her home there.
Tennessee (Ten) had something happen when he was 16. As a result, his bother went to jail. He blamed himself. As penance, he helps out low-risk parolees by giving them employment. He has no contact with his family, including his bother Dakota and sister Indiana.
Both had Baggage. I understood both, but I wanted to slap Ten. I thought he reaction was ridiculous. Luckily (hey now, it would suck if not!) through his friendship with Kaylie he gets past that. I liked that there was no insta-lust, but a slow build into friendship before falling in love. Kaylie's childhood before the Wises was horrible. I didn't like either of her parents at first, but I gradually learned about one of them. Realizing life threw some shit around, and said shit was dealt with as best as that person could do at that given time. There is a re-connection that was nice to read, if a bit rushed.
Even though the main focus of this book was Kaylie and Ten, Luna also got a lot of page time. It was never explained (at least that I remember) how she knew about Kaylie's parent. Luna also has some big, bad, horrible secret about the accident that killed her best friend and caused her to be bed bound for a period of time. I still don't know and I want to know her secret! So, will be reading book 2.
I think that is the main reason this wasn't quite a 4 for me. I don't anticipate contemporary romances to have unsolved story-lines. I also thought the resolution happened very quickly between Kaylie and parent after the build-up. It works, but was helped along by fire. And that is another little plot-line that didn't have an answer.