The End of the Perfect 10: The Making and Breaking of Gymnastics' Top Score- from Nadia to Now

The End of the Perfect 10: The Making and Breaking of Gymnastics' Top Score _from Nadia to Now - Dvora Meyers
Gymnastics (and figure skating) is one of the sports I follow and enjoy. Both also went to a new, open ended point system this century. So, when I saw this book was out (from a review on SmartBitches) I had to read it too. Lucky me, my library had and I was the first to get it!
Very interesting, informative, and well researched. This really stuck out to me: "Most sports weren't created with women in mind; instead, women were typically added to the sports after the rules had already been standardized-for men. Women who wished to participate in most sports had to conform to the preexisting masculine ideal. Women's gymnastics, however, was originally designed to be "feminine,"..... But being designed especially for women.....meant that women's gymnastics in the 1940s and 1950s was saddled with all of that era's beliefs about the place and potential of females......"
Reading about the early days, gymnastics has come a long way. I appreciated that mistakes were made, and also, learned from. I remember the 2000 Olympic team and being disappointed with the results. I also remembered the media being harsh (which was uncalled for). This book goes into more detail with the changes that were happening behind the scenes. Being "told" this is going to happen, rather then being "asked."
So, the 10 is still used in women's college gymnastics. I think that is a good place for it. The college atmosphere is different. I like knowing that someone can get a college scholarship because of their gymnastic ability. However, those at the top probably will give up their NCAA eligibility to pursue monetary opportunities. (Which is another can of worms (and book) because all sports are effected by that rule, or maybe it is rules).
In short, I think if you are a casual or rabid fan, this is a book you will want to read. Yes, this new scoring system is more confusing. But I still enjoy it (and look at the deductions to see if this was a good routine).
One last thing; AL TRAUTWIG NEEDS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP. Why NBC do you still use this ignorant asshole???? For as long as he has been a part of the commentary team for gymnastics, he should know more than he does. And he should know when to just be quiet. For a GOOD commentator, one who doesn't talk down to their audience, one who is knowledgeable and shares that knowledge concisely and doesn't overtalk is diving's Cynthia Potter. She knows her shit and I learn something from her.