Assassin's Touch

Assassin's Touch - Laurie London

Neyla was found to have an ability after a horrific accident. She is conscripted into military service. While serving, she is harnessed and later attacked. Rickard was there/found her and took her. Rickard's family was murdered and he is out for revenge.
I would have liked more background information and world building. There is some that happens. I got a very general feel to the world. Cascadia is a world in another dimension, parallel to Pacifica, accessed through a portal. Nothing metal can go through without killing the one that carries it. There is magic in Cascadia. Pacifica is a high tech world, Cascadia is the opposite.
I liked the revelations that occur, there are some secrets. The romance was not quite instant, but was foretold with visions. Overall, I would have liked to learn more about the world. I am interested enough to read the next (Rogue's Passion).