The Wind in the Rose-Bush.....

The Wind In The Rose-Bush - Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

The Wind in the Rose-Bush: 

Rebecca is on her way to Ford Village to take her niece home with her.  From the reaction of the couple of the ferry, the reader knows something is not quite right.  Even thought I guessed correctly, the writing pulled me it and I was invested in this story.  The letter from the postmaster confirmed everything.  My favorite .  4*


The Shadows on the Wall:

My least favorite.  This didn't grab me and I found my attention wandering.  2*


Luella Miller:

Interesting story about this woman who died.  It turns out that several people who knew her died early.  Different.  3.5*


The Southwest Chamber:

A death occurred in one of the bedrooms of this house.  That person makes it difficult to rent out the room.  Anyone want a room?  Room for rent!  3.5*


The Vacant Lot:

If something seems cheap, there is a reason.  I will never look at houses with a vacant lot next door in the same way again.  Nor (probably) buy one.  3*


The Lost Ghost:

The second best story.  A lost, lonely girl who is looking for her mother.  This one made me cry after reading her story.  The women who live in the house are kind and compassionate.  I loved the ending.  4*


This book is free (public domain).  Recommended and would fit several of the Bingo squares.  

Read for the classic horror square.