Diaries of an Urban Panther

Diaries of an Urban Panther (Diaries of an Urban Panther #1) - Amanda Arista

Violet gets attacked and bitten in an alley. She's bitten by a were-panther and changes into one herself. Chaz is "appointed" to help her. Her best friend isn't who she seems. Growing up, Violet's mother told her stories. These stories came into play after Violet was attacked.
Overall, this was entertaining. I liked Violet. She had the right amount of sass and snark. Chaz was a mystery. A little less of one now that the book is done, but there are still holes. I was figuring things out as Violet was. It did get frustrating when information was withheld. For no good reason too (at least in IMO). At times my attention lagged. I'm also not crazy about predestination/prophecy type stories.
There were also a few occasions that threw me- either I forgot, thought differently, or there were continuity issues/something left out. I didn't care enough (or want to take the time) to go back and figure out which it was though. I did buy this when it came out (yes, I've had this for 5 years on my Nook) and there were a handful of editing errors. (complete should have been completely/talk should have been talked, etc).

This was for the Black Cat square.