Burn For Me

Burn For Me - Cynthia Eden
Supernaturals are "out" to the world. A "mad scientist" decides to capture/kidnap any that catch his interest for experimentation. Cain is one of his subjects. Eve is a reporter that goes undercover (or so she thinks). It turns out, escape isn't so easy.
On one hand, this is a pretty typical paranormal. But, while vampires and werewolves are front and center, they are not the main characters. Cain is a phoenix and Eve (I won't spoil it) is something different. She doesn't know what she is, her parents died when she was young. She also has unknown (to her) ties to Wyatt and Wyatt's father.
Wyatt is a good villain. He is evil, conniving, intelligent, and appears to be untouchable. He is also more then he seems. There is also a second villain that was a nice surprise. I wouldn't be surprised if Wyatt makes an appearance in book 2.
I debated using this for the Vampires vs Werewolves square, but since neither are the main characters, I'm using this one for Supernatural.