Buddy Read- Darkhouse

Darkhouse - Karina Halle

This is a hard book for me to rate, so right now I'm starting out at a 2.5* and I might change that by the time my thoughts are written down.  My main issue (or problem) is I didn't like Perry or Dex.  Perry was unmotivated, mean, irresponsible, and entitled.  "I kind of feel like reception is beneath me...."  "And, as always, the fact the Ada seemed to be having a great time rubbed me the wrong way."  "I immediately hated both of them."  She leaves her 15 year old sister along to get drunk and make-out with her 19 year old cousins and their friends.  It gets better- so she can go alone to the lighthouse on her Uncle's property, in the dark, after drinking herself, and not telling anyone where she is going.  Oh so smart, right?  Then later in the book- "A forest fire would at least attract attention."  Oh hell no, she deliberately threw and smashed a fire-lit lamp at a tree.  This rubbed me the wrong way because all the severe fires the Western US has had over the last few years.  She isn't comfortable in her own body and the body slams got old (both hers and her mother's- yes Perry's mom).  Granted, most women don't like their bodies, but most grow to accept them and even like them;  at least some of the time.  

Then there is Dex.  One minute he is at least tolerable, or even a little nice, then the next closed off, weird, and curt.  I wasn't really able to get a read on him.  "His eyes were round and crazy.  Or playful, if you wanted to use a polite term for crazy."  Sexy, amIright?????  

Ada and Uncle Al are the best secondary characters.  I didn't like Perry's mom for putting her daughter down due to her body/weight.  She also said this: "Pumpkin, you shouldn't let something like a girlfriend stand in your way."  

There is the little old lady that both see.  I liked that aspect- can they both see ghosts or are they both crazy?  But, no resolution to that aspect in this one.  Have to read the next to find that out (maybe, there are 9 books in this series, so who knows when that central question will be answered).  I also like the scenes in the lighthouse (or darkhouse).  They were wonderfully creepy.

So, 2* because while this entertained me, I disliked the main characters.  I started out disliking and that didn't change.  The extra 1/2* for the lighthouse scenes.  I don't think I will read book 2, unless I think my dislike (for Perry and Dex) will change.  

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