Angel of Darkness

Angel of Darkness - Cynthia Eden

Nicole was bitten one night while on her way to church to pray. She faught back. Keenan is an angel of death. One touch and that's all that is needed. Instead of touching Nicole and taking her life, Keenan instead kills the vampire who was attacking her. Unknown to both, Nicole accidentally ingests vampire blood while fighting for her life. Keenan loses his wings and falls. He wonders about Nicole and finds her 6 months later.
This ties into this author's "Night Watch" series. It is the same world (but different characters and "The Fallen" stands alone). There is a lot of action. Both human and supernaturals are after Nicole. I liked that she was able to safe herself numerous times. I liked the romance. This was nice, in that both characters weren't completely good, they were more gray.
The main character in the next book, Sam, I would label as bad in this one. I'm looking forward to his story. He has something that motivates him and I want to find out what!

I'm using this for the "Fall" into a good book."  Keenan is a fallen angel and the series name is "The Fallen."