The Vampire's Mail Order Bride

The Vampire's Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls, #1) - Kristen Painter

"Welcome to Nocturne Falls - where every day is Halloween."
Delaney witnesses her boss shoot another man. She runs and briefly finds safety in the "Eternamates" office. Realizing she is at a matchmaking service, she steals one of the files. She becomes Annabelle. Hugh is a 377 year old vampire. He has commitment issues because his wife died while being turned into a vampire. His grandmother, unbeknowst to him, sets him up through Eternamate. Enter Delaney/Annabelle.
This was light and fun! I liked the idea of supernaturals being able to (somewhat) live out in the open under the guise of it being Halloween all year long. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked Delaney as much as I did. The characters were likable. The romance developed quickly (might be too fast for some readers). I would have liked to read about some sexy times, but this happened off the page. This is a clean romance (kissing only) for those that don't like sex (or much sex) in their romances. It is also currently FREE. Perfect timing since Halloween is around the corner!

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