Comes the Dark

Comes the Dark - Celia Ashley

Maris had been estranged from her great aunt since she was 12. Meaning to re-connect, her aunt comes to her in a dream telling her to come home. She does with the realization it is too late. The big question: she wasn't alone when she died, so who was with her and was her death natural? Dan is the detective assigned to her case. Earlier in his career, he saw Something and has hidden and denied it since. When he and Maris meet, they have a bond/connection that neither can explain or expect.
My biggest issue with this was I would have liked more detail regarding certain events/things/places. It felt rushed in places. I had more than one moment where I thought I missed something. That's the big reason why I'm not giving this a straight-up 4*. I would have gone with a solid 3*, but decided on a 3.5* because I liked the characters, I was invested in their relationship, and when interrupted, I quickly found the time to get back to the book. I wanted to know what happened. That's another reason why I rounded up (to a 4 for Goodreads).

I will be using this for the set in New England square.

Publishes Nov 8th
eARC courtesy of Kensington Books/Lyrical Press and NetGalley