Radio Silence

Radio Silence - Alyssa B. Cole

Arden and her roommate John travel to John's parents remote cabin in NY after the power mysteriously goes out. No phone, internet, TV, electricity, etc. Arden meets John's older brother Gabriel and sister Maggie. Overall, I enjoyed this. The characters are likable and I wanted to know more about them. Most of the book takes place in the cabin. The chemistry between Arden and Gabriel is good. I liked the pace of their relationship. My only issue is I have no idea what cataclysmic event happened. The characters and reader have absolutely no freaking clue. I will definitely be reading the next.
This quote was funny; "...I'm pretty sure being stuck in a house with the affirmative-action version of Will & Grace will drive me crazy."

I'm using this for theĀ Diverse Authors Can Be Spooky Fun square.