Dead Man Calling

Dead Man Calling: An Undertaker Mystery (Undertaker Mysteries Book 1) - Kendra Ashe

Unbeknownst to Jazz (Jasmine), she had a grandfather (Nathan). Nathan disowned her father when he married her mother; and her as well. When he died, she inherited his funeral parlor and his abilities. With no one to explain anything to her, she must figure it out on her own.
This started off quickly. I both liked and disliked that. It was nice to get right into the story. But, the lack of world-building and information sucked a bit. I was entertained even if certain bits pissed me off and made me shake my head. Jazz, for the most part, is fairly likable. She does behave stupidly at times. I did like how she is slowly figuring out what she can do as opposed to being a pro right away.
Sir Edward had his cute moments, but I thought he was more obnoxious than funny or cute. I wasn't crazy about the "love" interest either. I felt he had too much power over Jazz (for reasons that would be spoilery) and he withheld information.
I'm not sure if I will read anymore of this series. For these issues:
Exhibit A:
"It was Mr Blackwell's wish that as long as you remain unmarried, that you have a guardian."
*Um, what? What century are we in? Oooohhhh and it gets better (sarcasm on)!
Exhibit B:
"...this guardian's power over you will be limited. He can oversee what you do with your inheritance, and he must approve any contract you enter into, including marriage...."
*Yeah, no, that's quite a bit of power there. Not my definition of limited.
Exhibit C:
"I told you...I don't believe in witches."
*hahahahaha This from someone who sees ghosts now! And you have a talking monkey!
Exhibit D:
"I will force you to mate with me if you stay here another minute. It is instinct."
*That's the "love" interest. And the guardian. Nice.
Exhibit E:
"...the Luna Pack had to promise you as a mate to the next alpha..."
*So, no pass on pack politics despite being disowned. Or being able to say no.
Yeah, scratch that ambivalent answer about whether or not I'd read more. Make that a no.

I'm using this for the grave or graveyard square.