Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin - Margo Bond Collins

Lindi is a weresnake. She believes she is the only one. While on call one night, she is introduced to a whole new world and realizes there are multiple other shifters. She also realizes the other shifters hate her and would like to see her dead.
I enjoyed this story so much. I liked Lindi and her "origin" story. I loved her parents! I didn't like Kade at first, I felt he overstepped. I liked what he was. I liked this world.
What was disappointing to me were the editing and continuity errors. This would have been a 4 star read, but these errors detracted from the story for me. The biggest one was the murdered girls. They are named (Candice, Jenna, Tasha, Laura, and Charlotte- that's 5). Then a paragraph or so later, "...discovered that all 3 girls...." and "...all 3 were patients...." Then a few pages later, "...I jotted down the 4 victims..." Also, one girl's last name changes on the same page- Emma Camelli changes to Emma Pack. Then Lindi didn't have shoes- and then did. "At some point, Scott had taken off my shoes, leaving only stockings." "...trying to remain quiet as my shoes scuffed along..." I found this frustrating.

I am using this for the creepy crawlies square.