Anna Dressed in Blood

Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake

Cas is a ghost hunter. He "kills" ghosts who do more than haunt. He inherited this ability from his father, who was murdered. Cas and his mother move around frequently chasing these ghosts. The book opens up with him doing just that, with the "Hitchhiker."
This was interesting. It did drag in places. There is teenage angst- although not bad. The main character, Cas is interesting, but I didn't particularly like him. He is very cocky. Plus he doesn't like cats (or maybe just not Tybalt- but still!). I didn't care for the romance. I did like Thomas and Carmel. Anna was a good character as well, and even though she had done horrible things, I still had sympathy for her. I liked the twist with the knife.
A bit of a cliffhanger end. I don't think I will continue on to book 2 though. This just didn't hold my attention enough and I really need to reign in mount TBR.


First book finished for the readathon.  I'm also using this for the Genre: Horror square.