The Wrong Girl

The Wrong Girl (Book 1 of the Freak House Trilogy) - C.J. Archer

I love this cover, but Hannah has red hair.
Hannah has spent her whole life in the attic of an Earl's house. Orphaned, she is the companion to the Earl's daughter Violet. Both are kept in the attic because of Violet's ability to start fires. These also happen when Hannah as a narcoleptic episode. When Hannah has these episodes, she has no memory of them. Hannah is kidnapped and taken to Frakingham House (AKA Freak House). Her kidnappers believe they have Violet.
Overall I liked this. Hannah, Jack, Sylvia are all likable. Sylvia appears to be normal, but is she? I was frustrated with August. He was not forthcoming and his motives are still murky. August and Jack still have so many Secrets. Hannah realized something about herself, which lead to more questions. After this first installment, some answers, multiple questions.

This is my choice for the Gothic square.