Unmasking Miss Appleby

Unmasking Miss Appleby - Emily Larkin

Charlotte, orphaned, was taken in by her Uncle and Aunt. Her Uncle and Aunt never let her forget about their "kindness" taking her in and call her Charity. They treat her little better than a servant. We meet Charlotte on her 25th birthday. Charlotte dreams of freedom and making her own way. When a Faerie appears and states she owes her a gift, Charlotte chooses the ability to change shape.
I understood why she choose to be a man, and being one, gets a much better paying job. I liked Charlotte/Christopher. I understood her motivations and why she did what she did. Her observation: "People spoke to her more bluntly and met her eyes more directly. They treat her with a different kind of respect from what she was used to. As if I am somehow more than I was."
There were both funny and cringe worthy moments. Like this one; "Every time she urinated using her pego, she ended up with splashes on the floor." So, it's really that hard to aim and piss? Oh wait. I've had that talk with the hub about that. Another funny, but embarrassing moment was when Christopher was asking Marcus about sex. That wasn't awkward at all!
I went back and forth about Marcus. I started out not liking him. I didn't like how hung up he was on his dead wife and her faults. Yes, I got it, she was a BITCH and you got burned. Then I liked him. Then I didn't.

"Albin had tricked him into having sex with him. Sex . With a man." "I. Fucked. A. Man." I didn't like his response and his focus on that. This also annoyed me- "he'd sworn in front of her. Used words like cock and shit and fuck...." Because of Charlotte's ability (and only because of) you know who was responsible for the destruction of property and yourself!! But that's not focus on that you asshole.  

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And then I did again.
I thought the end was a bit rushed. The mystery was solved and twisty. Well played.
I enjoyed this, and I stayed up til 2am this morning to finish this.

Out Nov 7th
eARC courtesy of Emily Larkin/NetGalley.