Lady Delphinia's Deception

Lady Delphinia's Deception - Karen Frisch

Nicholas and his friends find themselves lost in the moors after a carriage accident. Injured and cold they come to Lady Delphinia's home. They take shelter there. Forced into a lengthy recuperation at Briarcombe, Nicholas realizes something is amiss.
This was so slow going for me. I was able to pick it up and put it down very easily. It seemed so much longer than the 190 ages listed on Amazon. I kept reading because I was curious to see what happened.
I didn't believe the romance. Nicholas realizes he is in love about 40-45% in. Their interactions had been short and non-personal at that point. One kiss. That was it.
One thing that I did like was the mystery. By the end, I knew who Mr Warren was and what hold Percy had over Delphinia.

Already out (in 2011), but has been republished.
eARC courtesy of BelleBooks (Bell Bridge Books)/NetGalley.