Maybe This Kiss

Maybe This Kiss (Colorado Ice) - Jennifer Snow

Becky and Neil were high school sweethearts. Things happened and they broke up. Now, Becky is a widowed, single mom. Neil was promoted and re-assigned to the base in Colorado.
This was an average, short read. The romance was believable due to their shared history. Becky was a bit annoying at times. Mainly because of her taking things on, not being able to say no, not asking for help, and feeling guilty for this and that. In a way, I'm glad this wasn't longer- otherwise I like I'd want to smack some sense into her. I laughed at Neil's nickname for snow ("the white shit"). Becky: want to be with you, but can't because Complicated. Neil: ditto.
I did like the thoughtfulness that went in to deciding their relationship; being military (and law enforcement) does come with sacrifices.

Released Nov 1st
eArc courtesy of Grand Central Publishing (Forever)/NetGalley.