Season for Temptation

Season for Temptation - Theresa Romain

I had enjoyed a 2 of this author's newer works (The Sport of Baronets and A Gentleman's Game). So, I decided to look into her back-list and start from the beginning. This is her first book (and series) and it shows.
Julia's stepsister, Louisa, becomes engaged to James, a Viscount. James was in a hurry to get married. So, unfortunately, when he meets the rest of the family, he starts to fell for her sister. Oopsie. I was interested to see how this would play out.
My biggest issue was how so very immature Julia was. James reason for the rush to marriage was eh. This was also slow going (but I made it to the end!).
I will check out the next, but if too much like this one, I probably won't be finishing it.