Irresistible Force

Irresistible Force - D.D. Ayres

Yeah. Nope.
Shay adopts a dog from the shelter. James's police dog has been stolen. He finds his dog and believes Shay is the one who stole him. Shay has a stalker. James steps in (and of course saves the day).
This didn't work for me. I didn't like Shay. I thought she was TSTL. "She was told to ignore the calls and delete the messages unread." Um, no. Not if you want to build up evidence. If someone's harassing you, you DON'T DELETE SHIT. Yes, to ignoring and not responding, but to delete messages? No!! "She was an idiot to have left the CITY for an off-season CABIN IN THE WOODS." Let me think....yes, you are an idiot!
I also didn't like James. When he confronted Shay, I didn't like or appreciate how he acted. He abused his power. He didn't introduce himself right away. Jackass. "She was just one of those dumb THINGS men sometimes succumb to when they were following their dicks." Yeah, I get your ex was a shallow bitch, but to call her a thing?!
I was just annoyed and I hate-read this fucker to the end (and I rarely do that- it usually goes to the DNF pile). I would like to say I ended up liking both Shay and James. Nope. From not pressing charges (to your rapist/stalker) to sexual thoughts/innuendos at inappropriate moments, this didn't work for me. At all.
Then there was the cat. And the wrong type of dog on the cover. Bogart/Prince was not a German Shepherd!