Maythorn's Wish

Maythorn's Wish - Emily Larkin

Maythorn married the village miller at 15. Known as Mistress Miller, she had 3 daughters. Her husband really wanted sons and began to beat her. One night, after a debilitating beating, he also beat the eldest daughter, Ivy. The asshole proceeds to get drunk and dies. Yay!!
Maythorn saves baby who happens to be fae. As a result, she bargains for wishes for herself, her daughters, and their female offspring. Maythorn gets her wish.
Maythorn is a good, kind character to route for. I also liked Ren, who had already secretly admired her for afar. I also liked that her transformation didn't fool him. Decently paced.

eARC courtsey of Red Adept Publishing/Emily Larkin/NetGalley
Fey Quartet bundle out Nov 1st