Hunted, Volume One

Hunted, Vol. One: A Vampire Serial Novella (New England Nightwalkers Book 1) - Chloe Cole

Zara is a librarian. She recently lost her father. He was murdered. The police have closed the case, believing he was killed by a large animal. Zara believes otherwise. Gabriel is a vampire and part of the vampire police force (kinda for lack of a better word). He eliminates threats to their existence.
I liked the revelation and history given about Zara's father. Instant attraction between Zara and Gabriel. This ends with the relationship unequal in my eyes. Zara still has no idea what Gabriel is, while Gabriel knows about Zara.
I also cringed a few times during the sex scene; "...searing pain on her ass..." and "...the burning welts..." Ouch!!!