Blitzen's Fated Mate

Blitzen's Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book 1) - R.E. Butler

Woo-hoo, Santa's reindeer are all shifters! This *could* have been interesting. Arian, of course, has the ability to shift into, not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 forms! (Arctic fox, polar bear, reindeer, and snowy owl). Mrs Claus is in charge of matchmaking. Yep, she decides who gets to be with who. Unless, one meets their "fated mate," ie: insta-love. Charli is a paranormal romance writer. Okay, that could be a portable career, since if they chose to live in the North Pole, they're stuck there. Oh wait, it didn't matter. (Boo and hiss!)
This had potential and could have been good. This didn't, IMO.