Out of the Night

Out of the Night - Trish Milburn

This had some promise. After a virus killed over half of the human population, humans are hunted by vampires. Vampires can only drink whatever their blood type was before they became a vamp. To help keep the vampires happy, most of the remaining humans donate blood to their local blood bank. To be out at night to to ask to be killed or taken as a blood slave (for 1 or more vampires to feed on over time).
I didn't like Olivia. I liked what she did (dedicated to feeding the homeless), but otherwise she got on my nerves. She behaved stupidly at times. (I don't think quite TSTL, because some situations were are of her control and she had shitty luck). Campbell didn't stick out to me either. He was just okay.

I will use this for blown away.  (looks windy on cover- clothes and hair).