Get a Clue

Get a Clue - Jill Shalvis

Breanne just got dumped at the alter. So, she decides to go on her honeymoon alone, since it's all paid for. She has bad taste in men and this was the 3rd time she's been dumped. Cooper, on leave, happened to be booked for the same weekend. Oops, double booked! I wonder what is going to happen?????
Breanne had so many moments I wanted to slap some sense into her. First, her declaration on "no more men." Really, could have fooled me! Secondly, her packing for the week in the mountains- didn't she think to check the weather forecast? That would be a no. She squeaks, scream, and startles so damn much, locks herself out in the snow, gets lost in the house (seriously, the house can't be THAT big!), touches bloody gloves despite knowing she shouldn't. I could go on.
Cooper wasn't much better. One minute, he'd be a pushy asshole, and the next he'd be nice and comforting.
The rest of the cast of characters all had their moments too. For one, since the discovery of the dead body, you'd think they'd all stick together. Nope, they continue to all go their separate ways and have the run of the house. Plus, bears hibernate in the winter (bears was one of the reasons for not trying to dig out and try to get help).
If I were to base this on just the characters and the level of intelligence they exhibited, this was be a 2 at most. But, despite all the head shakes and eye rolls, this kept me entertained this weekend. In addition, the characters were likable and loyal to each other. I also liked the who-did-it. One of the (rare?) books where everyone was TSTL and went at it like rabbits. Sorry rabbits.
This author's newer stuff is much better. This quote also angered me (pg 8) "...would never marry, would never bring forth grandchildren into the world, and therefore would never amount to anything." I *almost* threw this across the room.

I using this for the TSTL  square.