To Tempt an Heiress

To Tempt an Heiress - Susanna Craig

Tempest, who recently lost her father stands to inherit his vast estate in Antigua. Too "protect" her, her plantation manager plots with Andrew (the ship's captain and the hero of this story) to "kidnap" her and take her to England. The goal is to keep her safe from suitors who won't take no for an answer.
I liked the setting (Antigua) and wish it stayed either there or on the ocean. I liked Tempest. She was a good character ahead of her time (feminist and anti-slavery). This had a great start. I lost interest in it when they got to England. I thought Tempest too easily gave up what was most important to her in the beginning (especially factoring travel times, I doubt she will ever be going back).
Andrew was okay. I found myself not having any strong feelings towards him. I didn't really like or dislike him.

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