Sins & Needles

Sins & Needles  - Karina Halle

This might turn into more of a rant.  Curse words are involved.  You are warned.

Camden, a formerly awkward high school student who was bullied, had a huge crush on Ellie.  They used to be friends.  After her latest con, Ellie returns to her Uncle's to "start over."  She runs into Camden.  He decided to get revenge.

This had promise as a friends to enemies to friends/lovers story.  Ellie is also very Flawed.  A "bad girl."  There are tons of stories about "bad boys," so I was interested in reading one about a "bad girl."  Don't get me wrong, Camden is Flawed too.  I'm choosing to focus on Ellie since this is written with her narrative.

Ellie had a nasty childhood with parents who were also con artists.  She grew up in that lifestyle.  She also has acid poured on her leg as a result of one of her parent's failed cons.  They tried to con someone they shouldn't have and Ellie paid the price.  So, what does she do once she's out of high school?  Why, follow in her parent's footsteps and try to con the same person they did.  She ends up on the run from one of this person's henchman.  Ellie's childhood/leg get brought up so many times as an excuse.  Boo hoo hoo!!!  This (of course) equals the world owes her and she doesn't need to take responsibility for her actions and problems.  She has Reasons!!!  Bull-fucking-shit. I started out really not liking her.  I expected to grow to like her, even a little.  I would have settled for a little.  Because, as a reader, there are characters I start out not liking or caring about, and as I read more, I grow to like, understand, and/or care about them. They have redeeming qualities.  This ended (and that end is another story) with me still not liking her.   

A warning:  nothing is resolved at the end.  Nothing.  Will I read the next book?  Nope. I really don't give a flying fuck.  

I'm using this for the Key to My Heart square.