Come Away With Me

Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1) - Kristen Proby

Oh man, this opens with Nat taking pictures at the beach when a stranger suddenly approaches her and gets in her face. Luke demands Nat give him her camera. WTF? So, that inappropriate behavior gets a pass 'cause, like, Luke is soooooo hot. I was tempted to DNF this one, but this worked for a few challenges. Did I mention how hot Luke was?
All-in-all, not bad, not great. I'm not quite sure why this book is so popular, but to each her/his own:-) I thought Luke was insecure, possessive, and secretive. I had a hard time believing he was 28. For all his issues, he read so much younger. Nat, I liked a little better, she was much more open with Luke.
This is also told in first person (Natalie, Luke in the epilogue). It was okay, but I could have done with less play-by-play- "I lock up the studio and head into the house." "Baby" and "Honey" get way too much screen time.


Using this one for the secret billionaire square.