Breath of Life

Breath of Life - Christine Pope

Anika is a homesteader's daughter that is stuck on Lathvin. Lathvin is a planet that is currently being terra-formed to be an inhabited planet. There are multiple different types of aliens. One is the Zhore. They are secretive and not much is known. Sarzhin is a Zhore. Anika's father has an accident. Sarzhin wants Anika, so Anika decides to go and stay since her family can't afford a lawsuit. (Should he try to sue).
I would have liked more background information. Given the length, there wasn't much. I still enjoyed the story once I get involved. I wish Anika hadn't been so fixated on what Sarzhin looked like. Some sexy times would have been nice too. Overall, I was interested in the world and am curious. I am open to reading book 2 or book 3 (I have book 3; was a freebie at one time). I think this could be a series that could be okay to read out of order.


Using this for the fairy tale retelling square.