River Marked

River Marked - Patricia Briggs

Mercy and Adam, just married, go on their honeymoon. What could happen? Well, it turns out certain supernaturals encouraged this trip. There is a monster that lives in the river that it killing people. So, I think you can guess who is tasked with handling it.
I can't believe I'm giving this a 3. But, it was harder for me to get into. It was easy to put down and I got distracted easily. I really liked Mercy learning more about her heritage. These were the best parts of the book. What I missed, was the Pack. It was weird them being away from home. I am interested if some of the new characters make appearances in later books.
Still an awesome series.


I will use this for Free Space.  (Might change; I haven't updated my card.  Would work for Interracial Couple too)