Her Secret Ranger

Her Secret Ranger - Donna Michaels

Brick is part owner of the ranch/construction co that employs former military to help them acclimate to a civilian life. Beth is an event planner in town for her best friend's wedding. She and Brick meet at a bar and get it one. This opens with them meeting for a second time unexpectedly.
I'm not too crazy about the "I can't date you because my best friend is your brother!" trope. What two adults do is their business and that's it. I did like how Beth stood up to her brother. Finally.
Overlook that, and this was an engaging story about two lonely people finding each other. I liked Beth and Brick, both fit in well and compliment the other. The rest of the crew makes appearance here; Stone and Jovy (from book 1), Vince, Leo, and Cord. And I can't forget Lula Bell!
Looks like Cord's book is next (with Haley).

eARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing/NetGalley
Released March 6th