Twisted  - Emma Chase

Thus continues Kate and Drew's story. This opens up almost 2 years into their relationship. Things are going great. Until, they don't.
Wow, the mother of all misunderstandings. Yes, Kate lied about where she was going, but Drew's over-reaction took the cake. They didn't act like a couple who had been together 2 years. Both acted immaturely, one much more than the other. I thought Kate forgave too quickly and Drew didn't grovel enough.
The writing is snappy and I like the humor. But, I think, Drew is just too cocky, arrogant, and mean for my taste. I didn't like his nickname for his sister. It was inappropriate, mean, and didn't have any other purpose, IMO.
I will read Tamed since it's about Matthew and Delores. I really like Delores, so I'm reading her story for sure. Tied- probably not since it's about Kate and Drew (and narrated by Drew). I just don't see him getting less arrogant and cocky, and getting some empathy and modesty.