The Night is Mine

The Night Is Mine - M.L. Buchman

Emily is the first female fighter pilot in the 160th Airwing. Mark is her captain. Good start; flying missions in Afghanistan. Emily is then called to the US to work undercover as a chef for the First Lady. Someone is trying to kill her. Maybe.
I liked the mystery of what was happening, the who-done-it. Emily is mostly perfect. There doesn't seem to be anything she can't do. I liked her, but didn't love her. The same goes for Mark. I was invested enough that I wanted to see what happened.
I thought the book was too detailed in some things (descriptions of the aircraft/flying for example) and other scenes felt like filler (for example the "battle" with Adams). This took me out of the story. For a romance, I would term this "romance-lite." There really isn't much IMO.
It was written well, just not to my taste.