Into the Fire

Into the Fire - Jeaniene Frost

Do not read if you haven't read the previous books in this series (there are 3 that feature Vlad and Leila).
I was looking forward to getting a conclusion. I don't think this was much of a conclusion. This opens up with Leila getting tortured. Again. The goal is to break the curse/link to Mircea. This leads to more revelations about Leila's heritage. I thought this should have been introduced and explored earlier, not in book 4. All it did, at this later stage, is make Leila more *special*. (Eye roll). Both Vlad and Leila continue to keep things from each other, to protect/because they think it's best. But at this point, fuck it, that is immature, ridiculous, and no growth- at all- in their relationship. I didn't appreciate Leila's treatment of Gretchen. Gretchen's story-line was abrupt.
Then after all that, there still is the curse. This didn't feel like an end. I'm so over it.
The bright spot was Ian. I am looking forward to his book(s). I missed Cat and Bones. If I had read this series first, before Night Huntress, I probably wouldn't have bothered. Lowest rating ever for a JF book.