Enchanting the Earl

Enchanting the Earl (The Townsends) - Lily Maxton
A distant relative of Annabel's allows her and her Aunt to live in Llynmore Castle. Unbeknownst to them, he dies. A new Lord Arden comes to the castle to live. Having no where else to live, Annabel sets out to make Theo leave.
I really liked this. Both have Baggage. Theo's is both external (he is an amputee) and internal. He comes to the castle to hide and isolate himself. Other then that, the big difference between them, is Annabel LIVES. Growing up, her life was less than perfect, but she made the best it. I thought her outlook, allowed Theo to out up and find acceptance. I loved the virgin hero!
There is a second story-line with Fiona and Mary and a murder, but this doesn't overshadow the main story with Annabel and Theo. I also enjoyed that Annabel saved herself. Theo's siblings (Eleanor, Georgina, and Robert) are also a highlight in the book.

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