Tamed - Emma Chase

Having read the first 2 (Tangled and Twisted), I was interested in reading Matthew's and Dee's (Delores) story. I knew they were a couple and got married, but I was interested enough to want to read their story (and Matthew is not Drew).
Like every couple, they have their Issues. Dee, I think, more than Matthew. Everything (of course) works out in the end. I did like the writing, it's snappy and interesting. I will say this, for the book it is, it kinda sucks when one of the best characters is a 4 year old girl.
The next and last (Tied) is back to Drew and Kate. No plans on reading (I've had enough of Drew). I do like the writing, so will check out author's other books.


Published in 2014 for #18 Carsland