Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon (Tales of the Sazi, Book 1) - 'C. T. Adams',  'Cathy Clamp'

Interesting concept. Sue wants to die, so she hires Tony, an assassin to off her. Told in first person, Tony's POV, also different. What came next was also interesting.
At first I wondered why Sue was a well known face, didn't have to wait long, it's found out in chapter 2. I was a little disappointed in both Sue and Tony. Neither are that sympathetic or likeable. Sue was such a pushover and doormat. Instead of contemplating suicide, there were so many other ways to get away from her dreadful family! Tony is unapologetic for what he does for a living.
What worked for me is the support each gave the other and acceptance for who they were, without changing. I liked that Sue went into therapy. For 2 characters that I didn't like at first, I liked them both by the end and was entertained by their journey.
The "Sazi" are brought up in the last part of the book, could have used more info about them. Good start to a new series. (That's been out for awhile now, but new to me).