The Geomancer

The Geomancer: Vampire Empire: A Gareth and Adele Novel - Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith

I really liked the original trilogy.   So, I picked this up.  I liked the world; vampires are evil parasites in this one.  Adele and Gareth both continue to be unique characters.  Adele, the Empress, had the power to harm vampires.  Gareth, her lover and a vampire, was different.  This picks up after the events of the last book.  The vampires have been defeated....or have they?

The Witchfinder, the new Big Bad, is introduced.  He has found a way to help and protect the vampires from Adele.  He is powerful (shocker, right?).  What follows is an adventure. Adele and Gareth travel to France, Tibet.  They meet up with previous and new secondary characters.  I think what frustrated me was, this wasn't that different from the previous trilogy.  Adele and Gareth have the some Issues in this book.  I don't think their relationship developed that much.  Blah, blah, blah.  I just didn't care about these characters like I used to.  

Luckily, the original trilogy kicks ass and stands on it's own just fine.  Without this one.  

(And yes, I looked back at my reviews (or book thoughts) and noted some loose ends at the end of book 3- it's been long enough and I don't remember what they were anymore. But I do remember being happy and satisfied).


For Booklikes-opoly Railroad #14- overseas travel, 329 pages= $3