Desire Untamed

Desire Untamed - Pamela Palmer

I'm torn on my rating for this one, so I settled on the rating after I wrote this.
Kara was raised human. She is the Feral Warrior's Radiant, unbeknownst to her. Lyon (yes, that's his name and it is a literal name too) has "finding" ability and is the one tasked to hunt her down. So, he kidnaps her, from the only home she's known, and takes her to the Warriors home. This will come as a huge surprise: they are both hot for each other. I know, I was so surprised too!
Fun fact time! Lyon heals injuries........with his tongue. Here's a another fun fact: A lick magically heals.......and causes orgasms. At inappropriate times. Sometimes with an audience.
I didn't like how Lyon kidnapped Kara. He didn't tell her what she needed to know. Any choice was taken away from her. I didn't like the Pairing (it's capitalized in the book)- again choice taken away and put in the hands of something mystical (and therefore always right). Any power Kara had was taken away, she was treated as property.
There are (only) 2 other main (being generous) female characters in this book. One, Pink, is a servant who cooks and cleans for the 9 grown men. The other, who is nameless because I don't want to be too spoilery, existed for competition, to be a bitch, and was the (powerful) villain.
And what is up with the names? We are talking Kougar, Wulfe, Paenther, Tighe, Vhyper. Jag, Lyon, and Foxx aren't bad compared to these. (IMO). Then there is the Daemons and Satanan (evil ones).
Despite it all, I kept reading. I waffled between a 1 or 2 stars. So, this is 1.5*
The rest of this series? Hell nope!