Fair Game

Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs
Something is wrong with Charles. Anna is the only one to see it. She tries to intervene on his behalf, only to be dismissed. It isn't until she bring it up with another werewolf, that Bran decides to have Charles do other things too. This leads them to Boston. They go to consult with the FBI. There is a serial killer targeting supernaturals.
I both enjoyed this and found it frustrating. One was Charles attitude towards Anna by not TALKING to her. Anna is kidnapped and needs to be rescued. However, Charles does learn. And I think, if given a chance, maybe Anna could have saved herself (and yes, I know that's a lot of wishful thinking- but she didn't give up and would have gone down fighting).
I really enjoyed the mystery regarding the serial killer and figuring out the who-is-it. I didn't see THAT ENDING coming. Holy shit! That will (I would think) play into the next book (in the timeline it is a Mercy book). I need to read the synopsis to find out.....