Trinity - Lauren Dane

Renee is mated (or imprinted) to Galen. She literally bumps into Jack on her way home. Jack, a werewolf, realizes Renee is his mate. He finds out she is imprinted with Galen.
I thought this was decent. I liked the dialogue between the three and how they worked it out. I thought they communicated well and talked things out. Of course things moved at a fast pace. I would have liked more development with Galen and Jack's relationship.
What drove this done in rating, was there was just too much going on and not enough time to devote to anything. There's Renee not knowing anything about her heritage/not knowing anything about her powers, her mother's murder, her bitch of a stepmother and asshole father, a stalker who tries to kill her, secret family...woo, I'm out of breath! If the focus was on a few of these things and explored more, this would have been so much better. Not to mention there is a fricking CLIFFHANGER.
I probably won't be picking it up, since this one just had too much going on, and the next one is about someone else close to Renee (I will not say who as it is a bit spoilery).