Ever After

Ever After (Love to the Rescue) - Rachel Lacey

Olivia gets caught and arrested while spray painting graffiti on a local factory farm. It's funny, because the phrase "chicken assassins" ended up being "chicken ass" because she got caught. Pete is the deputy that arrested her. That's how she spend her 29th birthday.
I think I liked this one the best in this series. Olivia owned up to her mistake and learned from it. She's passionate about animal welfare and I liked that plot line. She did come across as immature; mainly because she doesn't stand up to her parents. They are both lawyers and dream of her becoming one too. Except, she doesn't want to, so rather then tell them no and do something about it, she dropped out of law school. By the end of the book, she's much more mature and owns it.
Pete dreams of making detective. Divorced and has been BIG parental baggage too. He is stuck in a rut. Olivia gets him out of that rut.
I really liked the animal rights/welfare take in this book (and series). And Hallie was a white kitten and Timber is a German Shepherd- so the cover got it right!