The Restorer

The Restorer - Amanda Stevens

I read the novella, The Abandoned, and really liked it. This didn't disappoint either! Amelia restores old cemeteries. She can also see ghosts. A body is dumped in a cemetery she is currently working in. This introduces her to detective John Devlin. He is also haunted by 2 ghosts. Amelia gets involved with the investigation.
I was intrigued by this world. In this world, ghosts are parasitic and shouldn't be acknowledged. Amelia was raised to do so. She finds herself breaking these long held rules. She is also drawn to John, and he to her. His ghosts are intriguing. I thought the who-done-it was both interesting, but also a little disappointing and a little anti-climatic.
This definitely is a first in a series book. There is some romance, but not as much as I thought I would get when I started. (Some kissing). Amelia's father has Secrets. I think her mother does too. So, family Secrets. There are MANY unanswered questions (including the Secret Society, and the dark entity she shes- I have questions!). I was glad I read this during the day- creepy!