Home to You

Home to You - Robin Kaye

After experiencing life-altering changes, both Jax/Jack and Kendall escape to their small hometown. Neither one want anyone else to know they are there. They knew each other as children, having last seen the other 14 years ago. Both end up at the same cabin. 
This was good. Both have secrets and realize the life they had didn't fit either of them. Jax does omit who he is at the beginning. Kendall didn't recognize him. She gets to know him as Jack. (His name is Jackson, but was always known as Jax). I understood why he did as he did. Both characters were likeable and had good backstories. I also could see how they fell for each other, then giving each other space. I was a little disappointed at few of the secondary character's storylines: Addie and Jaime. There is something there, but was very unresolved.


Also works for Ripped Bodice Bingo:  Baking/Sweets described in delicious detail.  Kendall cooks and she cooks a lot.