The Mating Season

The Mating Season (BookShots Flames) - Laurie Horowitz

Sophie is an ornithologist in Egypt to field a documentary on birds. Rigg is the asshole hired to be her cameraman. He was fired from his last job. Total opposites that attract.
I really liked having the woman be the geeky scientist. There was nothing special about Rigg (he's attractive, cocky). I didn't like him. He leaves the airport with the driver, leaving her with no transportation (Sophie's awesome, she had the foresight to get the local currency and hire her own cab) and is late to work the first day. No explanation, apology, or oops! 
There's Rigg's relationship with Nicola (history of on/off, they lived together for 2 years). He was over her faster than I could blink. I didn't believe the romance, it was very fast.
My last issue with this was the make-over. Of course. He didn't really fall for her until after that. I wold have liked him to fall for her just-as-she-was.
I rated this a little higher than I thought I would have because Rigg did change and that ending. I appreciated someone giving up something they've always thought they wanted for the benefit of the other. The bird facts were also interesting.

Ripped Bodice Bingo: fits for Nerd/Geek elements.