Midnight Crossroad

Midnight Crossroad (A Novel of Midnight, Texas) - Charlaine Harris

Midnight, Texas is a small town the attracts the paranormal, the unusual, and those that have something to hide. Every resident has at least one secret. The inhabitants are both open-minded and understand the need for secrets.
While I was interested from page 1, this is a slower paced book. It was at times a bit too descriptive. It's similar to the Sookie books in that regard. What made it interesting (and not boring for me), was the switching narratives. Bobo, Fiji, and Manfred were the 3 main characters. I liked the mystery. The residents do take care of their own. 
By the end of the book, I mostly knew who was a supernatural and who was completely "normal." And I have suspicions for the rest.
I loved Mr Snuggly!