Traitor in Her Arms

Traitor in Her Arms: A Scarlet Chronicles Novel (The Scarlet Chronicles) - Shana Galen

Lady Gabrielle McCullough's husband racked up lots of debt and then died, leaving Gabrielle to find a way to pay it off. She learns how to pick locks and steals from the nobility to gradually pay off what is now her debt. Ramsey Barnes, the Earl of Sedgwick, also is good at picking locks and thievery. He has a Secret and is being blackmailed because of that Secret. 
I liked that this historical romance was different; lock picking hero and heroine, French Revolution, the Scarlet Pimpernel?! Both characters are likable, relate-able, and I understand their motivations and where both came from. I would have liked Ramsey to trust Gabrielle earlier than he did. It was nice to see a woman villain. (Make that women). 
While this is definitely a historical romance, I thought the action and suspense of the "quest" took center stage. I think that worked due to the subject matter. I am interested in seeing if this becomes a series, Alex was memorable and I would like to read her HEA. 

eARC courtesy of Random House Publishing Group (Loveswept) and NetGalley
Out Aug 22nd

I am using this for rippedbodicebingo "Broke AF Hero" square. This is a spoiler:



Ramsey Barnes isn't the Earl, he is the oldest of 8 children, whose parents were the real Earl's tenant farmers.