Wait for Me

Wait For Me - Samantha Chase
Emma is the executive assistant to William Montgomery, president (patriarch) of Montgomery Enterprises (okay, I admit I don't remember the name of the company- but it may not have even been mentioned either). William's youngest son, Lucas, used to play in the NFL before a career ending injury. Since that time, he has become a recluse only coming into the city once a month for the family business. William sees attraction between Emma and Lucas and decides to play matchmaker.
I liked Emma and Lucas only somewhat. Lucas was annoying and immature at times. I thought it was ridiculous that he didn't want pity from anyone, but (essentially) threw himself a pity party for one for 2 years. I thought it was ridiculous he would rather be in pain (and not be able to play football) vs no pain/mild discomfort (and not be able to play football). But, that is me. 
I thought the relationship buildup was nicely paced. I appreciated that Emma was able to call bullshit on Lucas. More than once. Their relationship had very obvious highs and lows. The events also led Emma to get the courage to pursue her dream. I liked the idea of the family patriarch being the one to set his kids up too. 
I did think the resolution was rushed and weaker despite the good start. 
For those that like closed door sex scenes, this book would work for you! I'm assuming the rest of the series (and maybe most/all of the author's works too) is like that as well. (I personally like steam, but not at the expense of plot. 90% of the time anyway. Haha). 

I am also counting this for #rippedbodicebingo for the "heroine inherits a business" square. "...because I can't think of anyone better to take over this business for me." and "It wasn't every day that you got handed what you wanted without really trying." This was a nice, unexpected surprise since I needed this square!