A Hidden Fire

A Hidden Fire  - Elizabeth   Hunter

Dr. Giovanni Vecchio is a vampire and a rare book dealer. Beatrice De Novo or as she prefers "B," is an information sciences major with plans to be a librarian. Through individuals in their past, their present is mingled. 
As is usually the case, Gio is an older vampire, wise in the way of the world. B, by contrast, is young and naive. Man, this book was boring. It got better in the last half. The ending sucked. No closure.
I did like how they first meet. (A library where she was working and he researching). I liked how bookish both were. The secondary characters were also good one. The vampire affinity for elements was also unique and concept I liked.
I didn't care for the pacing. It was slow as molasses. While I liked the slow burn of the romance, I didn't like the ending. I didn't like that Gio was insistent on calling her Beatrice when she preferred "B." Then there was the fuck-up on her age. If she was born July 2nd 1980, she should have been 23 since this started in September of 2003. If was mentioned several times she was 22.